Digital Smoke LLC Privacy Policy for 10 Pin Shuffle Free Version Downloaded from the Apple App Store

Last modified: 15th July, 2021

Digital Smoke LLC ("Digital Smoke" or "we") has created this Privacy Policy to describe how information is collected and used when you play 10 Pin Shuffle ("the game") on your Apple iOS device. By downloading 10 Pin Shuffle from Apple's App Store and playing the game, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

What Data is Collected?

1) Non-personal Data

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, "non-personal data" means information that does not directly identify you. Additionally, non-personal data means "aggregate" and "de-personalized" information, which is data Digital Smoke collects about the use of 10 Pin Shuffle, from which any personally identifiable data has been removed.

2) Personal Data

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, "personal data" means personally identifiable information that specifically identifies you as an individual.

Digital Smoke does not collect any personal data from your mobile device but we use third party advertising and analytics SDKs that do. If you contact Digital Smoke for support and provide your e-mail address then we may store your e-mail and contact you asking for more information regarding your support request. Digital Smoke will never disclose your e-mail address to a third party or use it for marketing purposes or other kinds of spam.


The advertising and analytics SDKs used in the game may use your IP address to obtain a very rough approximation of your location. This is only accurate down to the country and city level and is usually the location of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) rather than the actual location of your device. We don't share your precise location with anyone and our game doesn't actually know your precise location.


The game uses Google Analytics for Firebase to send anonymous usage data to Google in order to analyze your interaction with the game and help us to better understand what features people use the most and how we can improve the game in future updates. Google collects device information such as IP address and device identifiers, as well as events completed or actions taken within the game, what adverts you click on and what features of the game you use the most. The developers of the game have access to reports and charts generated from this information. Some data collected may also be used for personalized advertising if you've agreed to that (see next section).

General Google privacy policies:
Google Analytics:

Third Party Personalized Advertising

In order to keep 10 Pin Shuffle free, we show advertisements within the game. We try to make these ads as unobtrusive as possible by showing them during natural pauses in the game play. It's desirable to show ads that are relevant to your interests. These are called Personalized Ads, also known as interest based or targeted ads. If adverts annoy you then please consider purchasing 10 Pin Shuffle Pro which doesn't contain any advertising or analytics and doesn't share any data with anyone.

Apple's Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a string of numbers and letters assigned to each Apple device. Each device is assigned a unique, randomly generated IDFA and advertisers use it to identify iPhone and iPad users across apps to deliver personalized and targeted advertising, run frequency capping, measure campaign performance, and attribute impressions and ad clicks to app installs. Advertising SDKs send other usage data along with your IDFA to their networks in an attempt to build a user profile of your interests so they can deliver adverts that are more relevant to you. In iOS 10, Apple introduced a "Limit Ad Tracking" setting for users who do not wish to be tracked by advertising networks. If the setting is enabled the system returns a default all-zero IDFA for that device, preventing it from being identified. In iOS 14, Apple now requires a user's consent for the use of their IDFA for the purpose of showing personalized adverts in the game, or as Apple, rather scarily, calls it "tracking you across apps and websites owned by other companies". If you opt out of seeing personalized ads then you will still see adverts but they may be less relevant to your interests and that might not be desirable to you.

The advertising networks that 10 Pin Shuffle currently uses are Google Mobile Ads (AdMob), Applovin, Facebook Audience Network, Unity and Chartboost. All companies adhere to the Privacy Shield principles for the collection and processing of personal data from end users. Each SDK collects different types of information from your device in an attempt to determine what adverts might interest you. The data collected might include but is not limited to:

The privacy policy of each advertising network used in the game can be found below:

Google Mobile Ads:
Unity Ads:

Non Personalized Ads

You may turn Personalized Ads off from the 10 Pin Shuffle in-game Settings screen at any time. Each advertising network will then be told not to use your device's IDFA and not to collect any more data about the user of the device.

Apple's Game Center

10 Pin Shuffle uses Apple's Game Center Services to provide you with online leaderboards and achievements. If you choose to use Game Center then your scores, user name and achievements may be shared and visible to others.

Game Center Terms and Conditions:

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we post changes to this Privacy Policy, we will revise the "last modified" date at the top of this page.