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10 Pin Shuffle Support for iPhone/iPod Touch

Before you submit a bug report, please try rebooting your device by holding down the sleep button for 2 seconds and then powering down with the red slider. This usually fixes any weirdness that you might be experiencing and doesn't just apply to 10 Pin Shuffle, but any App that's giving you problems. Rebooting usually does the trick!
Frequently Asked Questions .....
How do I report a bug in 10 Pin Shuffle ?
How do I upgrade to the latest version of 10 Pin Shuffle ?
I've upgraded my device to iPhone OS4 and 10 Pin Shuffle won't start anymore.
How do I re-install 10 Pin Shuffle ?
How do I play music from my iTunes music library while playing 10 Pin Shuffle ?
 How do I upgrade to the latest version of 10 Pin Shuffle ?
To check to see if you have the latest version of 10 Pin Shuffle installed on your
device, choose the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch's home page:
App Store
Then press the Updates button in the bottom right hand corner of the App Store screen.
The icon will display a number in a red circle if an update is available for any of your installed Apps:
App Store Updates
 I've upgraded my device to iPhone OS4 and 10 Pin Shuffle won't start anymore.
10 Pin Shuffle is fully compatible with Apple's new iPhone 4 and the OS4 upgrade. However, for some reason, if you upgrade your iPod touch or iPhone 3GS to OS4 then 10 Pin Shuffle won't get past the loading screen. To fix this, simply "Buy" the game again directly from your device and re-download it over the top of the existing version. The game will then work again and as long as you didn't delete the original non-working copy, your settings and statistics will remain intact. As long as you use the same iTunes account as you did when you first bought 10 Pin Shuffle, Apple won't charge you when you "Buy" it again.
 How do I re-install 10 Pin Shuffle ?
You should only attempt to completely re-install 10 Pin Shuffle if you're having a serious problem that makes it unplayable such as it constantly returning to the iPhone's home page every time you launch. To re-install, you first have to delete the App which means you'll lose your bowling statistics. To delete the App, touch the 10 Pin Shuffle icon on the iPhone's home page for 2 seconds. All the icons will start wobbling and an X will appear on the 10 Pin Shuffle icon. Touch the X to delete the game from your device. Delete App
Once you have deleted the 10 Pin Shuffle App from your device, go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch, choose the Search icon and then type 10 Pin Shuffle into the search box. Touch the $3.99 button at the top of the 10 Pin Shuffle page and Buy the application again. If you have more than one iTunes account then make sure you login with the same account that you originally bought this game with. Once you've entered your iTunes account information, a message will appear that says "You have already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK" If you find you're charged again then please contact iTunes support for a refund. App Store
 How do I play music from my iTunes music library while playing 10 Pin Shuffle ?
To listen to music while playing 10 Pin Shuffle, you should first quit out of the App, then start your music play list in the normal way. Then start the 10 Pin Shuffle App again and start a game. Your music will play uninterrupted in the background. You will still hear the game's sound effects while music is playing and you can adjust the volume of the sound effects or turn them off completely by selecting Settings from the game's main menu.
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Okay, here's the important part. Please describe the bug in detail and try to give specific instructions on how to re-create the problem at our end. You need to describe exactly what to do in order to repeat the problem, otherwise we can't fix it. It's no use just saying "the game quits to the home screen" because we'd have spotted something that obvious and fixed it by now. A much more informative bug report might read something like this .... "when playing Shuffleboard, if I continually launch weights into the far right hand corner gutter, eventually one bounces right off the table, through the wall on the left hand side and the camera follows the weight through the wall into the next room where there's a game of strip poker going on. The camera lens then steams over and the game craps out back to the iPhone's home screen. So, when you discover one of those nasty bug things, instead of immediately filling in a vague bug report in a rage, please spend a few more minutes playing the game again and trying to figure out exactly what steps are needed in order to repeat the problem consistently. If the bug can be repeated easily at this end then it'll be fixed very quickly. If you send a blunt message saying "the game crashes" then it's going straight in the trash.