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10 Pin Shuffle for 10 Pin Shuffle Press Release

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Digital Smoke Releases Their Popular 10 Pin Shuffle Game for the New Apple TV.

10 Pin Shuffle is now available for the new Apple TV.

Stateline Nevada, USA -- November 2, 2015 -- Digital Smoke LLC is proud to announce that their hit iOS and Android game, 10 Pin Shuffle is now available for the new Apple TV. Use the Apple TV's touchpad remote to swipe your shuffleboard weight down the table into the bowling pins at the far end. 10 Pin Shuffle has been downloaded over 10 million times on mobile devices and is available for download right now from the Apple TV App Store in two different versions:

10 Pin Shuffle Bowling (Free)

Play 10 Pin Poker without Ads or In-App Purchases; one of the three games found in the Pro version.

10 Pin Shuffle Pro Bowling ($3.99)

Contains 10 Pin Poker, regular 10 Pin Bowling and table Shuffleboard games and is a Universal Purchase; pay once and play on all your iOS devices, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and the new Apple TV. If you've already bought 10 Pin Shuffle for your iOS device, then simply download the Apple TV Pro version without charge.

If you're scratching your head trying to decide what to download on your shiny new Apple TV then just enter 10 into the App Store search box and 10 Pin Shuffle should pop up.

Digital Smoke LLC is a highly successful "Micro ISV" based in the beautiful ski town of South Lake Tahoe NV - creating quality mobile games that have kept wax on our skis since 2003.


Promotional codes for redemption in the U.S. iTunes Store are available to reviewers on request.


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Digital Smoke and 10 Pin Shuffle

Digital Smoke LLC is the epitome of a true Micro ISV (Independent Software Vendor), consisting of just two people. It was founded in 2003 by Peter Wiseman, a veteran games programmer and ski addict from England, who runs the business from his home on the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe next to Heavenly Ski Resort (there weren't many mountains to slide down in England). This "Jack of All Trades" has created one hit iPhone game on his own called Solitaire City, doing all the design, programming, artwork, audio, publishing and marketing himself. In 2008, after an exceptionally hard Shuffleboard/boozing sesh at the local bar, Pete's friend and fellow programmer, Michelle Abraham, dreamt of creating a high quality 3D Shuffleboard game for the iPhone. Michelle quit her job and teamed up with Pete and they created 10 Pin Shuffle together, a combination of Table Shuffleboard and traditional 10 Pin Bowling.

10 Pin Shuffle proved to be a huge success on the iOS platform and has undergone numerous updates over the years, adding features such as peer-to-peer multiplayer and 10 Pin Poker, a variation on the bowling theme involving Poker cards. 10 Pin Shuffle was such a success, Pete and Michelle created versions for Android and is available on Google Play, the Amazon Appstore the NOOK Bookstore™ BlackBerry Playbook, BB10 phones and now it is available for the new Apple TV at its launch.

Press Kit Policy

Being such a small company, it's tough to get noticed and Pete and Michelle welcome any form of news, reviews and promotion that the people of the press can provide for our games. To show our appreciation of your support, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for journalists to obtain marketing materials about 10 Pin Shuffle and so have created this web page for you. Please feel free to use any of the images or text on this web page for use in your publications, whether they be in electronic or print form. Please don't link to images hosted on our servers though. Please download them and host them on your own servers. You may modify the images. If you need additional artwork or further information then please don't hesitate to contact either or